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Audible Bite is a monthly dinner and performance series.
The first season ran from May - September 2023.
I cooked multi-course dinners and invited musicians, writers, and dancers to perform in my backyard.


Featured performers:

︎Nat Baldwin & Victor Signore︎
︎Tongue Depressor (Henry Birdsey & Zach Rowden)︎
︎Liz Tonne︎
︎Chicken Flag (Max Hamel & Matt Wellins)︎
︎Zoe Tuck︎
︎Sam Weinberg︎
︎Aisha Burns︎
︎Loculus Collective (Olana Flynn & Madison Palffy)︎
︎Webb Crawford︎
︎Hollow Deck (Andy Allen & Mia Friedman)︎
︎Arkm Foam, Donny Shaw, and Shea Mowat︎